Braces Improve Your Smile

For anyone who has gaps between their teeth, uneven teeth, or other spacing issues, braces are available to help. In a period of about two years, braces can resolve the problem so you can smile beautifully without any reservations. It is important to schedule an appointment for Orthodontics Monrovia if you want to know more about braces and how they’ll change your smile.

Orthodontics Monrovia

Types of Braces

There are a few types of braces that can resolve spacing and misalignment issues, including metal braces and clear braces, as well as ceramic braces.  The orthodontist will discuss each type of braces with you, sharing the pros and the cons of each option. Many people prefer to use clear braces because no one knows they’re on the teeth so it saves embarrassment. No matter which type of braces you most prefer, they work immediately to straighten the teeth and help you regain your beautiful smile.

More Information About Braces

Most people are viable candidates for dental braces, through an oral examination performed by the orthodontist will ensure that there isn’t any concerns standing in the way. It is important to have this oral examination conducted. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry! Men, women, teens, and kids can use braces and should, if they wish to improve their smile. Age is unimportant when it is time to use braces.

Costs of Braces

How much money will you spend to get braces? Many factors affect the cost, however, your dental insurance may pay all or a portion of the costs of the braces. Check your policy to learn more and do not hesitate to call your insurance agent. It is a good idea to compare dental providers and braces to get the best prices for the service.

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