The History of Cosmetic Dentistry

People’s teeth have had a long history, as have the dentists who serve them. However, gaps, yellowed color, and other damages to teeth weren’t professionally fixed until cosmetic dentistry became known to the world. However, there were various other ways that teeth were cleaned and fixed using personal remedies.

Ancient Dentistry

Some are cool, some weird, and others led to inventions that we know today. The ancient Etruscans used bones, ivory, and even teeth taken from humans and animals to replace missing teeth. The Egyptians took it a step further by using gold as crowns for teeth and even hammering shards of seashell into their gums to replace missing teeth.

The Romans used urine as mouthwash to get rid of the stains on their teeth and to make them whiter, and during the Middle Ages dentistry was a barber’s job. However, as one might expect the barbers weren’t very good dentists, and they often destroyed the tooth’s enamel while attempting to fix it. However, by the 1700’s dentists began using porcelain for dentures, and missing teeth as well as making plaster molds of a mouth to ensure that the teeth would fit.

Thank Heaven for Modern Medicine!

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Now that the 21st century has rolled around, most of the remedies of the past were cast aside in favor of teeth whitening using lasers and harmless chemicals. Fillings, dental veneers that could last several years, and dental implants soon followed. Now any patient can walk into an office of cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn and receive an array of options to fix and enhance a smile.

While it had humble and often ridiculous beginnings, the field of cosmetic dentistry has really looked up over the years, and numerous advances are still being made today to give everyone their perfect smile and perfectly while teeth in their mouths.

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