The Society And The Dentists It Serves

All qualified and licensed dentists who wish to administer any kind of sedation techniques do themselves, and their patients, a great service when they avail themselves, apply themselves to ‘comprehensive parenteral and conscious sedation’ training courses. To the layman’s understanding, this is the case where patients remain conscious whilst their dental practitioners are performing an intensive but swift bout of dental surgery devoid of all pain. Many years ago, when discoveries were made in the realm of anesthesia, patients had to remain unconscious for the duration of their surgical operations.

Today, this is no longer the case. Nor is it necessary. In actual fact, when it is feasible or appropriate to do so, the patient is allowed to remain conscious. All there is is this sense of numbness or being subdued. What specialist medical practitioner in private practice, dental surgeons in particular, would not want to provide their patients with this sort of comfort during what would have been quite a painful and unpleasant and difficult experience? The wise members of The Society knew this a long time ago. In fact, they were once there. Today, they are the custodians of the conscious sedation certification for dentists.

conscious sedation certification for dentists

This is in response to industry, state and federal requirements. Because no-one, not even specialist medical practitioners, should not and may not administer sedation techniques in any form without having undergone the full and proper and correct clinical and theoretical training. And there is every confidence in believing that if ever the proverbial quack should ‘try this at home’ disaster will surely loom. The Society has a program in place that ensures that existing ‘enteral (oral) sedation’ administrations not only comply with regulations and follow all published guidelines but empower their students to go beyond the ‘norms and standards’. 

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